Navibot and extinct
Adults who have concerns about bringing home a live animal may need to consider buying an electronic pet. Not only does it require no feeding and does not dirty, but even cleans the floor itself.

The Iranians built a model of an American aircraft carrier
On March 20, an interesting satellite of the American satellite was discovered - an Iranian aircraft carrier built at the Marine base of the Revolutionary Guards
Tablet with Windows 7
The HP Slate 2 tablet is designed to equip professionals in companies and institutions in such industries as education, health care, government and retail, where users often work away from traditional
Kia can test autonomic cars in nevada
Kia Korea has received official approval from the Nevada state government. Thanks to this, he can start testing on public roads, autonomous car prototypes that his engineers are working
My goal is Mars
The race is the first to deliver man to Mars, it blushes. Mars Space and Elan Musk's SpaceX consortium is competing with Mars One and NASA. This eccentric billionaire, founder of PayPala and Tesla Motors,
Uber will join forces with a Chinese company
Uber American company does not want to lose money in the fight against Chinese customers and fight with stronger rivals. Unofficially speaking, plans to sell parts of his business
Hackers sell Yahoo data
Yahoo's database of over one billion users is available online and can be purchased. The hackers initially offered it for $ 300,000 and managed to sell it to three customers.

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Canada’s experimental training ground for autonomous cars

Canada’s experimental training ground for autonomous cars

So far, self-driving vehicles were seen mainly in the United States. From next year their experimental training will also become Canada. The media reports that the Ministry of Transport has just issued a permit that will allow manufacturers to test designed vehicles.

Autonomous cars are getting more advanced and better on the road, but for full functionality they have to be tested in every road condition.

So far, technology has been tested mainly on US roads, but tests will soon be extended to nearby Canada. The Ministry of Transport has just released an official agreement, which will enable the technology to be tested on Canadian soil as early as January 1 next year.

It is not known yet which company will want to take advantage of the new opportunity, but one can not exclude that one of the first will probably be Google, and probably followed by other companies.

How to keep track of the web?

How to keep track of the web?

The entry into force of the new surveillance law makes the issue of protecting sensitive information completely new. Why? The amendment of the regulations allows for appropriate services for practically unlimited access to Internet data and storage for up to 18 months. And not everyone must answer – for many people monitoring the sites they visit or downloaded files is a drastic violation of privacy. Fortunately, we are not defenseless – on the Internet we will find tools that will make browsing the web anonymously and much more difficult to monitor.

“The amendment of the law regulating the surveillance of the services significantly extends their competence in this field – it provides the possibility of surveillance of data from, quoting, computer data carriers, telecommunications terminals, IT and telecommunication systems,” explains Paweł Wujcikowski, owner of Spy Shop and It adds: “This means that law enforcement agencies will be able to monitor and collect all the user information they will share – it will be an IP or MAC address, but above all the sites we visit, the time we spend on them. And activity range. Followers will also know where and where we log in. ”

Virtual private network

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, uses virtual Internet connections that redirect traffic between the internautary computer and the server (such as the web page or service) that it wants to connect to. Such connections are difficult to monitor or block, because the “observer” does not know what pages the user actually connects to – he only knows that he is connecting to the VPN network (connections made through him are not visible to him). By using this technology, we can count on the fact that someone who wants to see us will not be able to see what sites we visited, when we did, what files we downloaded,

Anonymously on the net

Another solution to prevent surveillance is the TOR network, The Onion Router. When we are connected to TOR, the connection between our “PC” and the page or service is diverted by many computers in the network (and spread all over the world), and the history of these connections can not be traced successfully. The connection is encrypted in several ways, which virtually guarantees its anonymity. Unfortunately, the TOR, however, requires basic knowledge about its operation.

However, it is worth remembering that some sites block access to TOR users, and that we need to be aware of the noticeable slowdown in the connection (this is the result of multiple redirected data packets).

Search engine also matters

Those who particularly value privacy should opt out of the most well-known search engines that gather a lot of information about users – which can be especially undesirable in the context of surveillance law. There are several alternative search engines on the web that do not store (or do less) search history and visited sites. One of the most popular – and worth …

Tablet with Windows 7

Tablet with Windows 7

The HP Slate 2 tablet is designed to equip professionals in companies and institutions in such industries as education, health care, government and retail, where users often work away from traditional desks.

HP Slate 2 has a fully functional Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and weighs just 0.68 kg. Allows users to flexibly create, edit and view content on a single, portable and lightweight device.

The HP Slate 2 tablet has a 22.6 cm (8.9 inches) multitouch screen that lets you enter information through a touch or stylus. It also features a Swype keyboard, which expands the touch functions to allow convenient and efficient data entry with continuous finger movement or stylus on the onscreen keyboard.

The new HP product has an Intel Atom Z670 processor with mSATA SSM technology that speeds up startup and extends battery life by up to six hours.

Available wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and optional 3G Mobile Broadband

A webcam and a 3 megapixel digital camera on the back, which can take pictures and record videos, are on the front. SRS Premium Sound technology provides optimum sound settings for voice and multimedia applications. The built-in SD card slot gives you greater storage and file sharing capabilities. The HP Slate Dock docking station connects to your device via two USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI port.

An optional HP Slate Bluetooth Keyboard keyboard and case will be available with the tablet.

Second edition of the “cheapest tablet of the world”, ready to be launched

The Indian company Datawind, responsible for the world’s cheapest tablet, claims that the second generation of highly successful devices is almost ready for launch.

It is unofficially mentioned that Aakash-II could hit stores early in July, and Sunit Singh Tuli, president of Datawind, believes the improved technical specifications of the device will be approved by the government.

The new tablet model features even more options and improved speed. Unlike other tablets, Aakash-II allows you to create computer programs in languages ​​such as Python, C, C ++ and Scilab.

Datawind also hopes that Aakash-II will help counter the bad impression of the first tablet model, which, although offered at low prices, soon after the premiere triggered a wave of criticism, and buyers complained about poor performance, less than satisfactory battery life and Other disadvantages.

Kia can test autonomic cars in nevada

Kia can test autonomic cars in nevada

Kia Korea has received official approval from the Nevada state government. Thanks to this, he can start testing on public roads, autonomous car prototypes that his engineers are working on. This is another step closer to the company to achieve the goal of introducing such vehicles to the market, scheduled for 2030.

California is currently the largest testing ground for autos, as many of them are testing their vehicles on public roads. This is by no means the only American state in which such solutions are being tested, because some companies prefer sunny Nevada.

There, too, will soon be testing their Kia Korean car, which has just received the necessary approvals. Kia, together with Hyundai, intends to test there both in-vehicle and partially auto- mated technologies. The knowledge gained will allow the company to sell cars partially by 2020, while by 2030 the company wants to have a ready-made vehicle that will not need the driver at all and will transport the passengers to their chosen location.

Kia has been heavily involved in the design of autonomous vehicles, and the company plans to spend $ 2 billion on the development of modern technology related to such vehicles. Some of these funds will be used to develop the Advanced Driver Assistance System technology, which aims to support the driver while driving, while the rest will hire new engineers with the appropriate knowledge and experience to do so.

Autonomous ship for coastal operations

Autonomous ship for coastal operations

British engineers from Automated Ships Ltd, together with Norwegian colleagues from Kongsberg Maritime, are building a new autonomous floating unit. The ship called Hrönn, is designed primarily for coastal operations.

Autonomous technologies will not be limited to cars. They are more often found in floating vessels. One of them is Hrönn, which is co-produced by the British automaks Ships Ltd and the Norwegian company Kongsberg Maritime.

The new unit will be the first fully autonomous ship designed to perform tasks near the shore. This lightweight boat is intended to be used for patrolling, providing small loads to offshore installations as well as recovering or firing small, remotely controlled or autonomous vehicles.

It can also be used in fish farms, the energy industry, or for scientific purposes. And thanks to total autonomy, it can be stationed close to the shore, flowing on the call, and cooperating with human-controlled units.

The autonomous control system will not only reduce Hrönn’s production costs, but will also allow boats to operate in life-threatening situations. For the time being, the unit will not yet have full autonomy, but will be remotely manned. Over time, however, it will have much more freedom as soon as the control algorithms can be refined.

Facebook sued for violation of privacy

Facebook sued for violation of privacy

The largest social network in the world today is not experimenting with its users, for example, by modifying the display of content that is defined by “test” user groups. This time the concern was accused of violating their privacy by reading private conversations.

Millions of people around the world are eager to use the Facebook Messenger messenger, using it for text-based conversations, uploading photos, and links to websites they find interesting. They are not aware, however, that the portal has full access to the conversations they are conducting, thereby violating their privacy.

And for this action was filed against him, accusing the scan of private messages. The idea is that the company scans such messages to find links to them, and then determines user preferences by building its profile, which then helps companies match ads.

Facebook claims that it has stopped doing so long ago and points out that there is no reason to sue him for this. Otherwise, the authors of the collective lawsuit claim that the content can be reviewed -v-Facebook-Class-Certification here. According to them, the portal still collects the web addresses of the websites posted in private messages, using them for their own purposes.

The case will therefore have to settle the court.

Front-facing Galaxy S6 with defect

Front-facing Galaxy S6 with defect

The desire to launch a new smartphone model as soon as possible, just to get ahead of its rivals, leads to a lack of proper quality control. Even the biggest giants can not avoid such errors, and then it turns out that the product has various defects, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, whose front camera does not work properly.

Samsung Galaxy S6 users have already experienced a number of different issues, which shows that Samsung has not quite ensured the quality of its flagship device. There was trouble with screen autorotation, too aggressive memory management to disable background applications, and now the trouble is with the front camera.

A photo showing the defect of a front camera installed on the Galaxy S6 appeared on the Reddite, showing strange purple dots appearing on the photos taken. It turns out that the problem is not individual, because after the publication of photographs appeared the entries of other users to confirm the occurrence of this defect.

Uber will join forces with a Chinese company

Uber will join forces with a Chinese company

Uber American company does not want to lose money in the fight against Chinese customers and fight with stronger rivals. Unofficially speaking, plans to sell parts of his business to the local company Didi Chuxing and combine forces in this way.

Uber is currently one of the largest corporations dealing primarily with the transport of people. In addition, many other countries also offer other services such as moving and ordering meals.

Unfortunately, the American company does not always cope as well as it wants and the biggest problems are in China. However, there is no hostile government, but strong competition in the form of Didi Chuxing, which also carries people. The competition is so strong that unofficially it is said that Uber will sell some of its Uber Technologies business, and both companies will work together to provide them with a much stronger position.

In this way, Uber will no longer have to lose money to fight a rival, and add that to be in China, the US company has already spent more than two billion dollars.

Unlocks the seventh core of the processor

Unlocks the seventh core of the processor

The Xbox One is a platform far weaker than the competitive PlayStation 4, but soon it may change. Game makers have just received full access to the seventh core core of this console, which should provide a much smoother gaming experience, but will also have the effect of giving up some voice commands.

Microsoft’s initial strategy for the Xbox One was not the best for selling this product. Booking Kinect’s computing power with push-in hardware and equipment made the device much weaker than its biggest rival. This was translated into the inferiority of video games, and as a result, consumers were more likely to choose a product from Sony.

Microsoft understood that he made a big mistake, so he decided to make some changes. The first was the abandonment of Kinect, which freed up the power reserved so far to operate this device. Now, as revealed by hacker group H4LT, the latest development tools pack unlocks the seventh core of the processor, providing it to game makers.

The Xbox One, like the PlayStation 4, reserves two of the eight CPU cores for the operating system, running in parallel to those running on game consoles. Unlocking the seventh core of Xbox One can provide an additional power injection that will translate into better performance for more demanding titles.

The use of additional computing power, however, requires some changes to the upcoming titles. First and foremost, manufacturers need to refrain from implementing voice commands in their implementation, as well as disable other Kinect features, such as depth perception and support for infrared emitters. This should not be a problem, because Kinect is still considered by the owners of this console to be a useless toy, so no one will cry after completely abandoning its service.

For now, it is not known yet how much additional computing power will be provided by game makers, but it mentions at least 80 percent of the performance of the seventh core. It is also difficult to assess exactly how this will translate into gaming, as they play a major role in the GPU, but the main processor is also not meaningless.

And according to tests conducted by Digital Foundry, it is stronger in XBox One. The Assassins Creed Unity on the Microsoft platform is smoother than on the PS4, and in the recently released Grand Theft Auto 5, the traffic jams have significantly less impact on the fluidity of the animation than the Sony hardware.