Adblock Plus for Edge browser

Probably early next year, users of Windows 10, part of the new Edge browser, will be able to use plugins. One of the first to install on your browser will probably be Adblock Plus, a tool to block ads displayed on web pages.

According to original plans, Edge was supposed to receive plug-ins support as early as October this year. However, this date has not been maintained and it is already known that support for plug-ins will not be available until next year. But this moment may be closer than we think, because on the developer resources page appeared a message that may indicate that the new feature is practically ready.

And it will definitely appeal to all users who do not like ads that attack them from every site, because one of the first announced plugins will be Adblock Plus. This is a well-known tool to block all ads, which by removing them, greatly accelerates the loading of pages.

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