Hackers sell Yahoo data

Yahoo’s database of over one billion users is available online and can be purchased. The hackers initially offered it for $ 300,000 and managed to sell it to three customers.

A few days ago we learned that hackers some time ago hacked into the servers of the American Yahoo portal. This is the second hack that took place in the past two years and this time cybercriminals have managed to get over a billion users. Among the information that was acquired were names, e-mail addresses, birth dates, and much more that could be used by identity theft criminals.

New York Times reporters found that hackers did not lose time and quickly set up a database for sale. It appeared in the dark in August and cost $ 300,000. What’s worse, it has found three customers, so you may expect that users whose data has been stolen may soon have problems.

Inform argues that two of the database merchants are well-known spammers, so email users’ boxes will soon be flooded with junk. The third client is involved in spy attacks, and it can be assumed that he or she will use the purchased database.

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