My goal is Mars

The race is the first to deliver man to Mars, it blushes. Mars Space and Elan Musk’s SpaceX consortium is competing with Mars One and NASA. This eccentric billionaire, founder of PayPala and Tesla Motors, does not conceal that his ambitions go far beyond the planet.

Its own company: SpaceX, already serves a supply mission for ISS astronauts, and will also handle manned space missions for the International Space Station in the next 2-3 years. This will help showcase the recently launched Dragon 2. We are not talking here unbounded promises, and a visionary who has extensive experience in “cosmic” undertakings.

Tesla Motors chief of staff, in The Colbert Report, stated that his main goal was to reach Mars, emphasizing that in the future it would be possible to transform this planet into a habitable one. The same is true for NASA. Researchers agree that in our solar system, this is the only place where the human leg can stand in the near future.

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