The Iranians built a model of an American aircraft carrier

On March 20, an interesting satellite of the American satellite was discovered – an Iranian aircraft carrier built at the Marine base of the Revolutionary Guards in Bandar Abbas. The US Fifth Fleet headquarters in the Persian Gulf, however, ensures that this is only a model.

The construction in Iran is a replica of the American atomic aircraft carrier Nimitz. The intelligence sources even claim that on its side it is already painted white 68, which corresponds to the first ship of this type – the USS Nimitz. Experts emphasize that this is a rather large boat, about 2/3 of the original structure and certainly not equipped with atomic propulsion.

Why Iranian aircraft carrier model? The military is not here. Most likely, it will be destroyed during the maneuvers of Iranian troops for propaganda purposes. But in that case, the question is: “Would not it be cheaper to make it with LEGO bricks?”.

Other uses are also allowed. So far, Iran has tried several times to justify the need to develop a nuclear program to try to get fuel for ships powered in this way. However, the problem was the lack of any nuclear propulsion units. If the existing structure actually turns into a functioning aircraft carrier, Iran could use this argument in the international arena.

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