Front-facing Galaxy S6 with defect

Front-facing Galaxy S6 with defect

The desire to launch a new smartphone model as soon as possible, just to get ahead of its rivals, leads to a lack of proper quality control. Even the biggest giants can not avoid such errors, and then it turns out that the product has various defects, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, whose front camera does not work properly.

Samsung Galaxy S6 users have already experienced a number of different issues, which shows that Samsung has not quite ensured the quality of its flagship device. There was trouble with screen autorotation, too aggressive memory management to disable background applications, and now the trouble is with the front camera.

A photo showing the defect of a front camera installed on the Galaxy S6 appeared on the Reddite, showing strange purple dots appearing on the photos taken. It turns out that the problem is not individual, because after the publication of photographs appeared the entries of other users to confirm the occurrence of this defect.

Creative & Credible Key Factors For Success

Creative & Credible Key Factors For Success

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