Facebook sued for violation of privacy

The largest social network in the world today is not experimenting with its users, for example, by modifying the display of content that is defined by “test” user groups. This time the concern was accused of violating their privacy by reading private conversations.

Millions of people around the world are eager to use the Facebook Messenger messenger, using it for text-based conversations, uploading photos, and links to websites they find interesting. They are not aware, however, that the portal has full access to the conversations they are conducting, thereby violating their privacy.

And for this action was filed against him, accusing the scan of private messages. The idea is that the company scans such messages to find links to them, and then determines user preferences by building its profile, which then helps companies match ads.

Facebook claims that it has stopped doing so long ago and points out that there is no reason to sue him for this. Otherwise, the authors of the collective lawsuit claim that the content can be reviewed -v-Facebook-Class-Certification here. According to them, the portal still collects the web addresses of the websites posted in private messages, using them for their own purposes.

The case will therefore have to settle the court.

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