Kia can test autonomic cars in nevada

Kia Korea has received official approval from the Nevada state government. Thanks to this, he can start testing on public roads, autonomous car prototypes that his engineers are working on. This is another step closer to the company to achieve the goal of introducing such vehicles to the market, scheduled for 2030.

California is currently the largest testing ground for autos, as many of them are testing their vehicles on public roads. This is by no means the only American state in which such solutions are being tested, because some companies prefer sunny Nevada.

There, too, will soon be testing their Kia Korean car, which has just received the necessary approvals. Kia, together with Hyundai, intends to test there both in-vehicle and partially auto- mated technologies. The knowledge gained will allow the company to sell cars partially by 2020, while by 2030 the company wants to have a ready-made vehicle that will not need the driver at all and will transport the passengers to their chosen location.

Kia has been heavily involved in the design of autonomous vehicles, and the company plans to spend $ 2 billion on the development of modern technology related to such vehicles. Some of these funds will be used to develop the Advanced Driver Assistance System technology, which aims to support the driver while driving, while the rest will hire new engineers with the appropriate knowledge and experience to do so.

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