Tesla’s rival builds a factory in China

Tesla’s rival builds a factory in China

Chinese giant Leeco will build a new car factory in the country. At $ 1.8 billion, a complex will be built that will produce electric vehicles. Every year, 400,000 vehicles are built there.

Chinese consumers have not been particularly interested in electric cars until now. Increasing level of air pollution in cities, however, forced the local government to take decisive action in the fight against smog. One idea is to encourage drivers to switch to more eco-friendly electric vehicles.

With government support of this type, cars became suddenly very attractive, which of course encouraged the action of their manufacturers also. The Chinese market is interested in Tesla Motors, which would like to build a factory there, but a similar plan is also the local giant Leeco.

LeEco has announced the construction of a new electric vehicle factory to be built in Huzhou. The $ 1.8 billion facility will each year produce 400,000 electric vehicles. Only modern vehicles equipped with wireless connectivity and autonomous driving are built in the factory.

The new plant is part of a larger project called the $ 3 billion Eco Experience Park, which involves the construction of a theme park dedicated to motoring, automobile power plants and office space.