Navibot and extinct

Navibot and extinct

Adults who have concerns about bringing home a live animal may need to consider buying an electronic pet. Not only does it require no feeding and does not dirty, but even cleans the floor itself.

Since the appearance of the first self-cleaning cleaning robot many years have passed, but the idea was not developed beyond a few companies. It seems that this situation has changed and more and more home appliance manufacturers are promoting automatic vacuum cleaners.

Among these proposals we will find the robot manufactured by Samsung Navibot. Although his way of working is different from what we associate with a traditional vacuum cleaner, the job he is doing remains the same.

The standard vacuum cleaner draws dust by pulling air, the work of cleaning robots rests on sweeping a clean surface with a brush. Due to these differences, it can be tempted to say that robots do not eliminate real vacuum cleaners for a long time. It is only to clean a standard vacuum cleaner room to insert a robot that will maintain cleanliness, but rather will not be able to cope with thorough cleaning.

Navibot has many sensors and cameras that help him move around the room. In addition to the robot, there is a kiosk where the device loads after work, and there are also virtual walls to prevent the robot from getting out of the room. If we plan to send the device for extinction throughout the apartment, we can change the virtual wall into a virtual guide – a lantern that will direct the robot to further rooms.

The shape of the robot is similar to the thick disk moving on the rubberized wheels. On both sides, rotating brushes from the cleaned surface of the dust to the main brush are placed on both sides. On the top flat surface there is a control panel with a display that informs the status of the device. Three buttons under the display allow you to choose the size of the room and the method of moving the robot. The device can be programmed and controlled using the remote control, which makes the kids the most fun.

Spilled crumbs or confetti quickly disappear from either the floor coverings or flat floor boards. After the tiles and gresach robot also willingly pass, but to clean up the crumbs, you have to repeat the vacuum. The carpet floor was best cleaned.

Carpet with fringes and wires lying on the floor are a big problem for the robot. He repeatedly tweaked the fringes on the brush and stopped the work. On the other hand, the low thresholds in the door and the thick rug were no obstacle.

When it comes to stairs, even those rounded edges, the device quickly finds them and even controls the remote control will not try to “commit suicide.” After cleaning, Navibot returns to the base, before cleaning it again, it is advisable to remove crumbs and trash from the dustbin, clean the filters, wipe the sensors and the eye of the vacuum cleaner from the dustbin, because the housing quickly gets electrified and clings to dust.

For children such equipment is a pet replacement, unfortunately for a short time. For the animals living in the house, the robot can be a problem to chew (dogs) or to breed (the cat reacted). In both cases, the robot may crash, so leaving it in the same room as the animal may end up not good.

Although pollen, scattered coffee, confetti, or even larger paper shreds disappear after Navibot’s passing very quickly, the powdered sugar had to be re-vacuumed.

The way to move a robot around the room is very ingenious – the vacuum cleaner drives the line at the line, unlike some similar “electronic kicks” that choose the random way in the room. Innovative is the way Navibot avoids obstacles, most of them noticing in advance and touring them. Unfortunately, when he drove under a low kitchen cabinet he joked and could not handle the trip. But he did a great job of getting in between the legs of the stool. If, apart from the spinning brush, the device could “suck” dust and debris, traditional vacuum cleaners could feel really threatened.

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