Autonomous ship for coastal operations

Autonomous ship for coastal operations

British engineers from Automated Ships Ltd, together with Norwegian colleagues from Kongsberg Maritime, are building a new autonomous floating unit. The ship called Hrönn, is designed primarily for coastal operations.

Autonomous technologies will not be limited to cars. They are more often found in floating vessels. One of them is Hrönn, which is co-produced by the British automaks Ships Ltd and the Norwegian company Kongsberg Maritime.

The new unit will be the first fully autonomous ship designed to perform tasks near the shore. This lightweight boat is intended to be used for patrolling, providing small loads to offshore installations as well as recovering or firing small, remotely controlled or autonomous vehicles.

It can also be used in fish farms, the energy industry, or for scientific purposes. And thanks to total autonomy, it can be stationed close to the shore, flowing on the call, and cooperating with human-controlled units.

The autonomous control system will not only reduce Hrönn’s production costs, but will also allow boats to operate in life-threatening situations. For the time being, the unit will not yet have full autonomy, but will be remotely manned. Over time, however, it will have much more freedom as soon as the control algorithms can be refined.