Unlocks the seventh core of the processor

Unlocks the seventh core of the processor

The Xbox One is a platform far weaker than the competitive PlayStation 4, but soon it may change. Game makers have just received full access to the seventh core core of this console, which should provide a much smoother gaming experience, but will also have the effect of giving up some voice commands.

Microsoft’s initial strategy for the Xbox One was not the best for selling this product. Booking Kinect’s computing power with push-in hardware and equipment made the device much weaker than its biggest rival. This was translated into the inferiority of video games, and as a result, consumers were more likely to choose a product from Sony.

Microsoft understood that he made a big mistake, so he decided to make some changes. The first was the abandonment of Kinect, which freed up the power reserved so far to operate this device. Now, as revealed by hacker group H4LT, the latest development tools pack unlocks the seventh core of the processor, providing it to game makers.

The Xbox One, like the PlayStation 4, reserves two of the eight CPU cores for the operating system, running in parallel to those running on game consoles. Unlocking the seventh core of Xbox One can provide an additional power injection that will translate into better performance for more demanding titles.

The use of additional computing power, however, requires some changes to the upcoming titles. First and foremost, manufacturers need to refrain from implementing voice commands in their implementation, as well as disable other Kinect features, such as depth perception and support for infrared emitters. This should not be a problem, because Kinect is still considered by the owners of this console to be a useless toy, so no one will cry after completely abandoning its service.

For now, it is not known yet how much additional computing power will be provided by game makers, but it mentions at least 80 percent of the performance of the seventh core. It is also difficult to assess exactly how this will translate into gaming, as they play a major role in the GPU, but the main processor is also not meaningless.

And according to tests conducted by Digital Foundry, it is stronger in XBox One. The Assassins Creed Unity on the Microsoft platform is smoother than on the PS4, and in the recently released Grand Theft Auto 5, the traffic jams have significantly less impact on the fluidity of the animation than the Sony hardware.